Current Interests

Three areas of interest underpin my current work: composing with music of the past, the revision process in composition, and the relationship between composer and performer.

Since 2015 I have been working with music by other composers (to date Rameau, Tchaikovsky and Schubert), sculpting it by means of a simple process of erasure to bring new music into relief. I also engage with music of my own past through the practice of revision; I am not interested in improving works so much as composing alternative versions that drastically reconfigure the materials of the originals (Divertissements and Diversions 3 on the CD Dance Maze are good examples of this). I have been interested in developing a more collaborative attitude towards my relationship with performers since 2009. I now notate my music more loosely in an attempt to hand performers even greater responsibility for how it sounds and to discourage the idea of any piece having to be played a particular way. Consort Music illustrates the kind of effect I aim for.